Refund Policy

When you buy our products/services, your purchase is not entitled for any refund. We recommend you to first understand the complete offering/offerings under the course you wish to purchase and then proceed to checkout.

In exceptional cases, if at all, refund will be considered within 7 days of making the payment for any of the product/offerings.

The company reserves the right to revoke your services/access to any of the product/products purchased by you if any unauthorized use/misrepresentation is found on your end.

In case of part payments, the company can revoke the access/withdraw its services if timely payment of installments is not received. No further claim for access will be entertained, and you shall be liable for full payment if you wish your services to resume completely. The consumers are thus advised to pay their due payment/installment on time.

Under no circumstances, the company is liable for any claim/reimbursement in case of failed payments/transactions arising out of the technical difficulties/failures on bank/payment method integrated services.

In case of any grievance arising from the use of Platform, please contact:

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